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名稱(Title): 虾类(Prawns)
B0501: 士多啤梨虾球(Strawberry Prawns) $19.98
B0502: 沙汁虾球(Prawns with Special Honey Sauce) $16.98
B0503: 京葱头抽煎大虾(Pan Fried Prawns with Scallions in Supreme Soy Sauce) $23.98
B0504: 椒盐中虾(Deep Fried Prawns with Peppery Salt) $20.98
B0505: 咕噜虾球(Prawns with Sweet and Sour Sauce) $16.98
B0506: 滑蛋炒虾仁(Sauteed Shrimp with Scrambled Egg) $14.98
B0507: 鼓汁虾球四季豆(Prawns and String Green Beans with Black Bean Sauce) $18.98.

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