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名稱(Title): 頭盆纇

頭盆纇包括(Apperizers include):
又一村大拼盤(House special Cold Cuts Appetizer Platter), $22.98
紅燒乳鴿, 需时30分钟(Braised Crispy Squab, 30 minutes required before service)
$21.98 each
牛肉,豬肉生菜包(Minced Beef or Pork Lettuce Wrap), $16.98.
海蜇拼牛展(Marinated Beef Slices and Jelly Fish), $13.98.
海蟄燻蹄(Marinated Pork Hock Cold Cuts with Jelly Fish), $14.98.
虾春卷(Shrimp Spring Rolls), $6.95 for 2 pieces

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